Say "Hello" to the Bot of the Future

The only bot you'll ever need

HaileyBot is the most feature-rich Discord bot you'll ever meet, capable of fully replacing dozens of other bots. On top of the staff-related features that are necessary for smoothly running a server, HaileyBot also includes a plethora of additional commands and functions that help make Discord easier and more fun.

HaileyBot has 6 main categories of commands, which are as follows:​

HaileyBot Logo


The advertising feature of this bot allows server admins to create an advertisement for their server using $-register , and bump it every 2 hours with $-bump . Ad bumps are sent to a designated channel on the bot's support server, where they can be seen by over 500 users.


Commands in this category pertain directly to the bot; functions such as getting an invite link to our main server ($-invite ), donating to the developer ($-donate ), or upvoting the bot on Discord Bot List to help make it more popular ($-vote ).


The global chat feature of this bot can link a channel from your server to the bot's global chat simply by typing $-link . Any messages sent to a connected channel are forwarded through the bot to all the other connected channels. You can also use $-link private to connect your own channels and/or servers to each other, using webhooks to make it appear that all users talking are in the same place.



This bot also has many commands that don't quite fit any of the categories, such as getting detailed information about a user ($-user ), server ($-server ), or custom emoji ($-emote ), recalling an old message from its ID ($-quote ), or creating a poll for server members to vote on with reactions ($-poll ).



On top of the standard kick and ban commands, this bot also has filter, warn, prune, modlog, and more. Some commands also have extra features built-in that other bots don't have, such as the ability to ban a user by their ID, even if they aren't in your server.



The Setup category is for commands used to set up some of the bot's features, such as automatically granting a specified role to members when they join your server ($-autorole ), setting a welcome message to greet new members ($-welcome ), setting up either a message or a group of channels that contain live-updating server statistics ($-live ), and more.