HaileyBot aims to be an incredibly versatile bot, with every feature you can think of, as well as some you would never even imagine. Of course, getting to that point takes time, and we're still on our way. With every new update comes a new feature, bringing us closer to our goal of becoming one of the 'greats', alongside Tatsumaki, Mee6, and Dyno.
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Registered Ads
The total number of ads that have been registered via the bot's advertising function
Global Bans
The total number of people who have been put on our global ban list for violating our global ban policy
Total Members
The total number of members across all the servers the bot is in
The total number of servers the bot is currently in

Open-Source Libraries

This bot makes use of some free, open-source node.js libraries, listed below:

Used as a secondary API wrapper, deals with things that the main wrapper can't handle due to depracation.

Used as the main API wrapper, and although its 2 years out-of-date, it still does most of what I need it to.

Used to read and write from configuration and database files.

Used to create custom API endpoints and post things to the API that the other wrappers don't handle.


Command documentation has been moved to our home server, where it can be accessable to more people and stay more up-to-date than it did when it was here.

HaileyBot Hub

HaileyBot Hub

This server is the central hub of HaileyBot, used for accepting the EULA, viewing bot statistics and ad bumps, viewing tutorials and documentation, and communicating with the Developer and the team of testers.

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Global Chat Preview

Chatting from the website is currently disabled. Plans are in place to integrate it in the future. For now, the window that opened is a read-only link to the bot's global chat.


All dollar values are in CAD. After making a purchase, send a DM on Discord to @cheesits456#6494 and provide your transaction ID.

Custom Rank - $5
Customize the image that appears in front of your name when you speak in global chat